Essay on why i want to go to ..

I totally agree with you post, but what if ours governements *want* us to be afraid, and *want* us to know about terrorist (failed) attacks?
Remember "V for Vendetta": it's a way for governements to prove their utility, to remember us why we "need" them...

Essay on why i want to be a teacher

If I could go anywhere in 2013, I would like to go to Spain. I want to go to Spain because I want to be able to experience an official Spanish basketball league game with my own eyes. The Spanish basketball league has a ton of basketball players that we rarely get to see in the United States. Also, the crowds tend to be more lively and into the game, adding more to the experience. I would go during the summer when the NBA season is over so that I can still watch competitive basketball. On the “46 Places to Go” list, one place that caught my interest was Amsterdam. Amsterdam is home to many museums and one of their biggest museums Stedjelijk recently reopened after being closed for renovations for almost a decade. I will be able to take my fantasy trip to Spain one day, it may be expensive, but it will be worth it.

nor each Catalan wants to go away Spain.

Why did Dorothy Want to Go Home? Boston Bravery

If you could go anywhere in 2013, where would you want to travel? Why there?If i was able to travel any where in the year 2013 i would travel to mexico, and because i would like to visit family their and get to know more about mexico. i would like to go with some family and friends. i would like to stay all through my summer break. In the “46 Places to Go” listed i would like to go to the Red Mountain Resort in Rossland, British Columbia, because i would really like to snowboard down the mountain. I think if i really want to go i will be able but i would just have to work hard to reach my goal and i can also still dream about it for now as i wait to find the opportunity to go.