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Hi Liz! Kudos to you for this very helpful site on IELTS. I would just like to ask if it’s ok to use the block format on all types of letters when writing Task1 GT? Thanks!

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How do you select the text inside for copying/deleting/modifying it? In regular editors, once again, you have to move your hands off their current, comfortable position, and go for the arrow keys or, even worse, the mouse. Any of those is probably a pain, especially when working on a laptop. How do you do it in vim? You just use one of the text-object motions, which all start with 'i' or 'a' (they can only be used after an operator like 'd' or 'c'). 'i>' refers to "the current 'i'nner angle bracket block", so you can do 'di>' ("delete inner angle-block") to just delete all the contents from the above situation:

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Vi and vim know your code has some structure. Many of the commands reflect this. Say 'aB', as described in example #3 above: it selects the current '{' and '}' delimited block, including the braces themselves ('a}' does the same). And let's take it and combine with the '>' operator, a useful operator that indents the region indicated by the next motion. Picture the following code:

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The key thing about correct formatting for academic papers is that it is minimal formatting. There should be the minimum necessary formatting. Even experienced typists sometimes go astray here, because in normal business typing the task is to produce one version of a document (such as a letter) which can then be printed - after which the electronic version is unlikely to be revised again. The typist will therefore add formatting to produce the correct layout (margins, indents, etc. etc.) using whatever formatting tricks produce the layout quickly. But for an academic paper, the task is different: it is to produce a document that can be worked with electronically as easily and neatly as possible. The final layout can be adjusted at the very last stage. Do not try to produce complicated layouts; just type the essay as simply as possible.

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When quoting lines of poetry up to three lines long (which are not indented, see ), separate one line of poetry from another with a slash mark (see examples in ).

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Students have often had problems with the word-processing of their essays. Probably the most common cause is inappropriate formatting. The version of your essay which is initially typed is not the final version - it will have to be revised. It is easy to revise word-processed documents - provided they have been formatted correctly. Bad formatting creates a great deal of extra work, as it is often necessary laboriously to undo complicated formatting before a problem can be rectified.

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These need to be indented. The best way to do this is by setting an indent using the ruler, e.g. a simple left indent of 3cm. Avoid complex indents. Do not use multiple tab marks to create an indent.