You are lucky to have a dad like this

4. The house of my dreams
Here you need to use your imagination for the most part. Try not only to describe the exterior and interior of the house, but also the feelings related to it.

From cooking, to singing, to helping me with my homework, my favorite person is definitely my dad!

11. My favourite music style
What exactly do you like about this style? What feelings, associations you have while listening to it?

10. My first encounter with the internet

1. My favorite movieDescribe its plot and your favourite episode in the movie.

6. My first trip overseas
Where did you go and when? What had you expected before the trip started? What was the most important thing you still remember?

90. One day in the armyWhat does a soldier do?

“Between Illness And Migration” is a journey we all go through, despite our nationality, culture, language, religion, sexual orientation and personal values. It’s a path where faith and despair seem to be so much alike, a voyage where hope and misery are difficult to differentiate, a peregrinate where redemption and desperation look all the same. It’s a personal state of our heart and soul, where the darkness of broken dreams is obscuring the skyline of our bright desire to live. As much as we would like to avoid it or deny its implacable nature, we all go through that path at some point in our life. As much as we would have loved to help them and save them, we all know people and loved ones who have lost their way through their own journey…

97. The strangest partyWhat was extraordinary about it?

This album was released by Hopeful Tragedy Records in Australia on September 6th, 2013. It features a unique artwork that illustrates the special relationship that Your Favorite Enemies shares with the Australian people. It also includes a bonus track that is exclusive to the Australian version of the album.

99. Computers - part of my lifeWhat about computers in your life?

“In the morning, when it’s still night, and that the lights of the city are still on; it’s that exact breaking point. Seconds after, the lights went off, and the sun rose up. And the picture of the album represents that moment. India is a wonderful country, where people are very creative and where art holds an important place. And the album cover is like discovering a new culture; when all the lights of what you think you know go off, then you can really see the culture for what it is like. We have never been to India, but we are looking forward to discovering these unique people and country, where creativity and art hold an important place”

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“It’s a song I wrote reflecting the let go of the personal elements that hold us back in our present state of saddened hearts and keep our soul captive in the despairs of the past. It’s truly a personal song by nature, but a collective state. We may mourn the impermanence of life, but we can all elevate ourselves with the euphoria of rebirth”, says Alex Foster.