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Once the essay begins, Hines delves straight into Chavez Ravine, the architects behind the housing project there, and the socialist controversy that doomed the project, provoking a number of responses from me ranging from frustration to sympathy....

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The user then interprets the code which may contain various options such as an invitation to download a mobile application, a link to video or an SMS message or inviting the reader to respond to a poll.

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The Modern Student’s Library seems to fade somewhat during the depression of the 1930s with no new titles and only a few reprints. Some titles show up in Books in Print but the series as a whole seems to be dormant. In 1955 books in the series are reprinted in large numbers, responding to the growing demand for college texts. The number of reprints peaks around 1960 and by 1965 the series seems to be once again dormant. Books listed as being part of the series are printed thorough the 1980s, but not in large numbers.

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Some believe that the Hamiltonian response, a focused national response from the government, is necessary in order to get the country to correctly react to the problems the world is currently and will be facing.

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Lesson Plan using a Graphic Organizer.Directions for Personal Response Artifacts #1 (30 points):
Personal Response is a description of YOUR reaction to the book.