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A: With the invention of e-mail there aren't too many people writing letters with a pen and paper anymore. But a summer at camp is an opportunity to practice your creative writing skills in your letters to friends and family. At camp you will be able to receive, but not send e-mails during the summer. You'll have a lot to write about - new friends, great counselors and more!

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A: Why do campers return to Ramah year after year? To be with their friends! And we know the importance of these special friendships. However, camp consists of private and public spaces. Bunks are private spaces where people change clothes, shower, rest, and relax. While you might feel comfortable with a certain situation, someone else might not! Therefore, boys are not allowed inside girls' bunks and girls are not allowed inside boys' bunks.

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There is a nurse and doctor at Camp at all times. If you don't feel well during the night or outside of sick call, make sure you tell your counselor first so he/she can talk you to the Marp.

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A: Eventually, we all have to learn how to change our sheets and make our beds. Camp is now the time. Everyone's bed must have a bottom and top sheet, as well as a blanket. Your counselors are there to help you. Sleeping bags are used for out-of-bunk overnights only.

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A: Camp has a fully staffed Mirpa'ah (infirmary), usually called the Marp. In the event that your child has a non-emergency health concern that does not require immediate medical attention (such as a minor cough or the sniffles) the infirmary offers two daily "sick call" periods where campers may be seen by our medical staff for consultation.

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A: There are lots of ways to relax before you fall asleep at camp. If you are still awake, try these simple techniques: read a book in bed with your flashlight, write a letter, play solitaire or count sheep! BUT REMEMBER- NEVER LEAVE YOUR BUNK AFTER LIGHTS OUT!

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A: We will do everything we can to bunk you with at least one of your requested friends. Don't forget that making new friends is what camp is all about! Bunking assignments will be announced in the second week of June.