According to this principle, the Mexican-American war was justified.

War with Mexico, 1846-1848 (1989), “without a doubt, the preponderance of American opinion has agreed with [Ulysses S.] Grant that the United States treated Mexico unjustly.” Indeed, Grant’s view of the war was incorporated into the title of Amy S.

was Justified to go to war with Mexico because At the time everybody supported the war.

is disregarding the laws and people of Mexico because of thin pride.
"Slave holders crossed the Sabine (River) with their slaves in defiance of the Mexican ordinance of freedom" (Sumner)
Banned Slavery
In 1846, President James Polk used Propaganda to begin the Mexican-American War.
Polk sent General Thornton of the U.S army down to the (Rio Grande) Del Norte river that was the border between Mexico and America.

Was the mexican american war justified essay

America was justified in going to war with Mexico because of the Mexican attacks on American soil that caused for war.

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The internment of more than 100,000 Japanese-Americans during World War II was deeply fueled by racist sentiments. Most interns were American citizens. Documents have since surfaced that the USA felt that those Japanese Americans were definitely a military threat to the USA, which edited out of the brief given to the USA's Supreme Court to justify Japanese-American internment. When Japanese men escaped American concentration camps by joining the military, they were the most decorated American regiment in the European Theater. At the same time, the remnants of Native Americans were living in , which persist to this day.

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America’s rage at Japan seemed far less than righteous and justifiably aggrieved. While Japan was invading China and committing horrific atrocities against the Chinese people, the USA did not speak out against their barbarities. During the Rape of Nanking, Japan intentionally bombed the American warship the , and sank it and killed two people. Although the was sunk during one of the greater acts of barbarity in modern times, what outraged Americans was that an American ship had been fired on, not that it was done in the midst of murdering hundreds of thousands of helpless Chinese citizens. Roosevelt even had footage of the attack of the edited so that the obvious nature of the Japanese attack - intentionally attacking a American gunboat - would be obscured, to support Japan's dubious claims that the sinking had been unintentional.

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When I began the process of revising this essay in July 2014, I knew that this section would be one of the more painful to revisit. Not only was it painful, I spent more time revising this section than any other. Similar to orthodox historians who argue that the , the orthodox position, soon after the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, has been that those atoms bombs saved lives, as they quickly ended the war. A few years later, "War is Peace" in Orwell's , and orthodox American historians have defended the atom bombs ever since 1945 as life-saving weapons, without a trace of irony.