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Churchill has been active since at least 1984 as the co-director of the -based , an autonomous chapter of the . In 1993, he and other local leaders, including , Glen Morris, Bob Robideau, and David Hill, broke with the national leadership, including and and Vernon Bellecourt, claiming that all AIM chapters are autonomous. The continues, with the national AIM leadership claiming that the local AIM leaders are tools of the government which uses them against other American Indians.

The online journal  mentions Churchill's artwork, and the controversy surrounding its originality.

THE echoed sob of history. Coming to the final paragraph of Viva Mexico! one reader – a commuter from Pittsburgh – was stung to his own tears. “It was just so good that I had to have a good cry about it.” He was crying for pleasure, but the life of the author can also provoke a lachrymose response.

I am just not surprised for some reason....

Is there anything about this man that isn't fraudulent?

Churchill has contested the finding of misconduct. The university is reviewing additional charges beyond the initial seven, to determine if they warrant convening a second investigative subcommittee.


Allegations against Churchill have become the subject of debate in the media and on Internet . These included disputes over his claim of heritage, and allegations of and plagiarism. administrators ordered an investigation into the allegations of research misconduct, which include plagiarism, fabrication, and falsification.


The Standing Committee on Research Misconduct, after examining the findings of the Investigative Committee, disagreed on what sanctions should be imposed on Churchill. Six members voted for dismissal. Two members voted for a five year suspension without pay, and one voted for a two year suspension without pay. Churchill's actual punishment will be determined by the University Chancellor[].


Churchill wrote an essay in September 2001 entitled "Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens" about the , in which he argued that foreign policies provoked the attacks. In 2005, this essay was widely publicized. Churchill's argument — which questioned the innocence of the 9/11 victims, and compared their role in what he describes as ongoing genocidal American imperialism the role played by Adolf Eichmann in organizing the Holocaust; led to both condemnations of Churchill and counter-accusations of from Churchill and his supporters.


In its report, the investigative sub-committee "expresses its concern regarding the timing and perhaps the motives for the University's decision to forward charges made in that context." The Standing Committee's final report, however, states that they could not ignore the charges against Churchill given the seriousness of their nature.


In April 1983, Churchill traveled to and as a representative of the AIM and the International Indian Treaty Council to meet Colonel of while a U.S. travel ban to that country was in place. The visit was intended to seek support from al-Qaddafi regarding the U.S. government's violation of AIM treaties.