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Here are my finished writer's notebook pages for personified vocabulary words, which not only shows my language arts words but also my writing across the curriculum vocabulary personifications that I explain below the picture.

By the way, is there an expression like this below? For writing task 1 (line graph)

At my school, the math, science, and history teachers have the students maintain learning logs just for their subject matter; in my class, we call it a "writer's notebook." Once we've learned how to personify words in my classroom, my teammates have no problem encouraging personification tasks for students' learning logs.

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If i write my own essays which are depend on task 1,Will you check them out? Thanks beforehand.

I know. "What does consolidate mean, Corbett." Look, you won't ever catch me teaching a writing lesson that doesn't also include a focus on a reading comprehension strategy; that's the beauty of always having a on which I base my writing lessons. During our socratic novel discussions, my students are required to show me their knowledge of punctuation and conjunctions by coming to the discussion with five prepared discussion-starting sentences; each of those sentences, which I collect, have to be complex sentences that correctly punctuate for the conjunction (or participle) they've used to create the complex sentences.

See if you can write a full sentence with each of these phrases

In IELTS listening-
Is it same to write singular / plural. For eg: Doctor / Doctors
will it be treated as same & correct or it will be marked as incorrect and marks will be deducted.

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As the language arts person on a core team of four teachers (my other three colleagues teach math, science, and history), I teach my students strategies to process language arts concepts on pages in their writer's notebooks; this year, I have been designing two-page writer's notebook spreads that allow an extra space for writing across the curriculum tasks so that my language arts thinking/writing strategies can become tools for reflecting (through writing and/or in learning logs) in the other core content areas.

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In my classroom, once we have personified several language arts vocabulary words in the writer's notebook, I have students "reserve" a page where they will eventually personify three vocabulary words they learn, one from science class, one from math class, and one from social studies class. I usually give them a deadline of three weeks to finish this W.A.C. task. I, of course, have to remind them repeatedly that they have this task coming up, and I require them to share possible ideas about W.A.C. vocabulary words with each other during my language arts time. In my case, it is also helpful to let my science, math, and history colleagues know we are doing this; that way, they can prompt the students with "Do you think any of these new words might be personified for your assignment in Language Arts?"

The Part 1 question will be an essay on a given topic

As you can see from my example above, I require the students to define their words as well as personify them. These two notebook pages will serve as reference points for future personification tasks that I and my colleagues will be assigning, so I actually require students to rough draft their pages to make sure everything will fit first, then copy the words and pictures neatly into their actual writer's notebook. Some of my students use composition-sized notebooks, which are pretty tricky to fit three different words on; so you might allow your students to put one personified word per page.