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Surrounded by such popular belief, the women of the Victorian age had to surrender their valuable possessions simply to avoid the wrath of the male dominated society.

The Victorian Age (1830-1901) was a period of great progress and prosperity for the nation.

A selective list of online literary criticism for the nineteenth-century Victorian poet and essayist Matthew Arnold, with links to reliable biographical and introductory material and signed, peer-reviewed, and scholarly literary criticism.

Victorian Era essaysThe Victorian Era was a time of wide extremes

You might believe, like many, that the Victorian Era was one of progress and improvements.

Victorians also believed that thrift was essential and poverty was always the fault of the poor individual, the poor could choose to better their situation.

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Joseph Conrad in particular rushed forward to slam a door on the Victorian Age and end the century of optimism, reproving the human race's ideologies on virtue and purity with the more skeptical realities of the bleakness of real human nature and the power of unfortunate circumstance....

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The Victorian hostess had to consider three main things: The Guests At Victorian dinner parties, the hostess invited guests from the upper class of society.

Class reflection: Sex in the Victorian Era

Writing when the period of the three-volume novel (dominant from about 1840 to 1880) was coming to an end, he seems to have written everything except a traditional Victorian novel: plays, poems, essays, literary criticism, literary theory, biography, travelogue, reportage, romances, boys’ adventure stories, fantasies, fables, and short stories.

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The Victorians spent a great deal of time not just using various coal products, but also spent a long time thinking and disagreeing about a wide range of issues that concerned such an essential product for their way of life.

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Although George is unsuccessful in getting his name in print, the following information will be successful in illustrating to its readers the when, where, and why of newspapers in the Victorian era....