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Awarded to eight students (either graduate or undergraduate) who are currently enrolled in an Athabasca University (AU) certificate or diploma program. AU degree program students are not eligible.

Graduate level certificate or diploma program students must have a cumulative AU GPA of 3.00 or higher and must have completed at least 6 AU credits by the application deadline.

Recipients will be selected based on proven leadership skills and dedicated pursuit of career advancement or professional development in their area of specialization.

The literature review will also address the two basic categories of leadership.

As business leaders strive to accomplish great achievements in our global economy, it is important to always remember that values endure. They are absolute, unchanging and non-negotiable. In a world where change can be bewildering, values offer touchstones defining our actions, our decisions and the manner in which we treat others. They connect with the most powerful forces dictating our actions: conscientiousness, integrity, and self-respect. These factors represent the fundamental underpinnings which shape our capacity to lead. As business leaders, we are sometimes tempted to compromise these basic truths, dodging, ignoring or compromising our principles, however ultimately, we return to these simple truths.

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Through the reading and the Leadership Assessment there are five leadership principles that are most important to todays leaders including; creating a sense of responsibility, education, ability to lead by example, giving praise where it is do, and empathy....

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In less Rostonian terms (that is, based on Rost (1993)), without a motivated group of followers leaders are stranded and not achieving to a level of excellence....

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Again, this is one of those values that grows as a soldier progresses. It starts out in every enlisted as the physical personal courage as “” (FM 7-21-13). But as a soldier progresses its becomes a moral courage “.”

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Boards would do well to remind themselves of the lessons of leadership and sustainable value creation. The only longitudinal study of the link between leadership teams and corporate performance is Collins’ (2001) “Good to Great”. He tracked 1,435 Fortune 500 listed companies from 1965 and found:

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The aim of this paper is to provide an overview of servant leadership, contingency, path-goal styles leadership to gain an understanding of current leadership models, identify this author’s style of leadership and explore why leadership is important to organizations, society and this author....

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Clearly, if we want to influence the behaviour of others, we need to understand what is already influencing them. By the end of this section, you should be able to identify the different drivers expressed in the three statements regarding hitting stretch targets. As leaders, we can’t change what drives people – their values – but we can change their behaviour by understanding those forces and tapping and harnessing them through policies, strategies, and communication.