Associate Dean for Student Affairs: Bryan Brown

In addition to meeting the above criteria, candidates must also submit an essay detailing obstacles they have overcome in life and the reasons a degree from USA is important to their future. The recipient will be required to attend an award event, and meet with the donor. Scholarship funds may only be used to supplement USA Tuition and textbooks from the USA Bookstore. Scholarship will be renewable provided students meet renewal criteria.

Course transfers are not possible after the bachelor’s degree has been conferred.

Project-based. How space shapes personal interactions and affords learning opportunities In formal and informal settings. How to integrate learning principles into the design of spaces and develop a rubric to assess the impact on learning.

Senior Associate Dean for Administration: Geoff Cox

The Graduate School of Education offers Master of Arts degrees in the following specializations:

Sociolinguistic perspective. Emphasis is on typologies of bilingualism, the acquisition of bilingual ability, description and measurement, and the nature of societal bilingualism. Prepares students to work with bilingual students and their families and to carry out research in bilingual settings.
Same as:

Courtesy Associate Professors (Teaching): Shashank Joshi

Preparing students for roles as Resident and Community Assistants, "Intelligent Leadership" explores research on college student development, leadership and the complex dynamics of our changing society both within and outside the college environment. Participants will engage in course work that builds skills relevant to their positions and allow students to implement these skills in a real world environment. Through reflection, self-examination and engagement in interpersonal dynamics and analysis, students will examine how their peer group develops while at the university.

Courtesy Professor (Teaching): Don Barr, William Koski

This scholarship was established by Mr. and Mrs. Tim Russell to be awarded to a graduating senior from Foley High School entering as a freshman at USA demonstrating high academic achievement.

EDUC 9. Public Service Internship Preparation. 1 Unit.

Note: The College of Engineering awards $500 to the scholarship winner. Another $500 will be matched by Tau Beta Pi national organization. The total scholarship amount is $1,000.

EDUC 11SC. Work and Family. 2 Units.

This scholarship will serve as a supplement to any other scholarship awarded in order to give further distinction to the USA Board of Trustees Scholar program.

EDUC 12SC. Hip Hop as a Universal Language. 2 Units.

"Interpersonal Learning & Leadership - Row Staff Class" explores research on leadership and the complex dynamics of our changing society. Participants will engage in course work intended to build skills relevant to being on a Row Staff team. Students will practice self reflection, risk taking, facilitating, decision-making and group leadership. Students will develop strategies to build community and facilitate challenging conversations while creating a safe environment for their peers to do the same.