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Families are responsible for arranging flights to and from the designated airport during a specified window (please do not purchase flights until you have received an email confirming our review of your health forms and school reference). Overland staff will be at the airport to welcome you at the start of your trip and to assist with your departure. You may also be dropped off and picked up at the airport. If you are flying to and from your trip, we will have you call home upon arrival and before departure. We will provide more specific travel information once we have placed you on a program.

Each group is limited to 12 students

Tourism Pure leads small groups on nature walks and hill climbs around theforests, bogs, cliffs and offshore islands of the West of Ireland. They pursuea goal of giving tourists a memorable, enjoyable and educative time in the Westof Ireland, while ensuring that tour groups minimise their impact on thedelicate natural environment, its flora and fauna.

55 hours of native-speaker instruction

Days 2-6: Serve at a Nature Reserve and Begin Language Class

You should check with your child’s school about whether or not Overland’s service hours meet their requirements. The approximate number of hours of service are listed in the sidebar. We will provide your child with proof of participation after completion of his or her service work.

Popular Ecotourism Destinations for 2016:

It can be surprisingly chilly. Popular destinations like Poás and Irazú volcanoes, Monteverde cloud forest, and Chirripó peak are at high elevations – sweater and jacket weather most of the time. You may also be surprised to find that neither your hotel room nor (older) rental cars have a heat setting on the thermostat.

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If you’re planning on choose your wardrobe accordingly. Birds and animals definitely notice bright colors and may take off. There’s no need to go full camo but if you have a choice between fluorescent pink or muted tan or green pick the more neutral color.

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Water is another consideration when planning your wardrobe. Cloud and rain forests have little regard for phrases like “the dry season.” It may not rain during your visit, but the saturating humidity dripping from the leaves and the spray from the inevitable waterfall will make you glad for quick-drying garments.

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Green, philanthropic and positive and the slightly offbeat town of Trogir inCroatia. Villa PaPe is the ideal destination for weekend escape, familyvacation or a romantic getaway. Just 200 m away from the first beach Villa PaPeoffers calm and serene accommodations and ambiance.

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Safaris arranged to different ecosystems in Uganda including National Parks,Tropical Rainforests, Water bodies, Cultural Sites, Communities and otherdestinations. Promoted and run by a group of qualified and competent Eco-tourguides with an experience of over 10 years in site and safari guiding.