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As I was graduating from high school in the 1970s, doctors' incomes were skyrocketing, and becoming a doctor was the ultimate goal for many of the best students. During the mid-1970s, only about 10% of medical school applicants were accepted. Something quite interesting happened by the mid-1980s: applications for medical school had declined drastically. I read a business analyst’s opinion during those days. He stated that the kind of the people who tried getting into medical school in the 1970s were going into investment banking and other “hot” professions in the 1980s. The implication was obvious. The big money was easier to make as a corporate raider and other 1980s glamour professions than as a doctor.

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More than a century later, the situation is identical. A couple of months before writing this in 2001, an orthodox doctor gave me his opinion that homeopathy and alternative cancer treatments were worthless scams, as they did not have solid science behind them. He stated that the very principle of homeopathy, of dilute medicines, was absurd on its face and not worthy of serious consideration. Had he performed any investigation himself? Had he even read the results of a scientific investigation that found homeopathy wanting? I believe that the answer was no, although my homeopathist lived in the same town. What was the basis for his opinion? As far as I could tell, he was reciting the fairy tales that American orthodox doctors have been indoctrinated into since the 1840s. In kind, it was nearly identical to the that I was told about capitalism in business school.

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Pasteur sought the fame and prosperity that he promised his wife. When a promised medal from Dumas did not arrive quickly enough for his liking, Pasteur complained. While it would be a mistake to say that Pasteur did not have friends, he was not a particularly likeable fellow. In interviews and speeches, Geison stated that Pasteur “was by no means always humble, selfless, ethically superior Quite the opposite.” Geison found Pasteur’s “behavior and conduct in general unlikable through much of his career.”

Large-brained bipedal hominids, of the genus , appear in Africa.

Similar to “vegetarian,” “organic” is a misnomer, as the movement is more of an effort to counter the agribusiness mentality, with its artificial fertilizers, genetically engineered life, irradiated food, and so on, and get back to natural methods. Agribusiness companies control the USDA, just as the drug companies control the FDA. In response to the organic industry’s request, the USDA drafted some standards, all right. Among the practices the USDA was going to certify as "organic" were: genetically engineered products, crops fertilized with , and irradiated food. It was the agribusiness definition of organic. An internal USDA memo that obtained in 1998 showed that the USDA was influenced by the biotech companies, which was why its original standard classified genetically engineered food as organic.

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The organic food industry made the mistake of asking the USDA to regulate it, since there were many unscrupulous "organic" farmers who sold food that was not really organic, as organic. In 1998, there was a major consumer effort to stop an takeover of the industry, and the battle is not finished in 2014, as agribusiness continually tries to erode the standards.

First anatomically modern humans appear in Africa

The FDA continues its campaign against vitamins and herbs. The goal is making them only obtainable through a drug company with a doctor's prescription, making it several times more expensive than it is today, all to "protect" the public. The logical conclusion of that mentality is making food and water prescription drugs, maybe even air. Then the biomedical companies will have it all locked up. In addition, with patenting all of their genetically engineered "products," the dark path that trajectory is charting will eventually have the biomedical companies owning life itself. The logical conclusion to that mentality will be outlawing natural and "inferior" procreation, only allowing genetically engineered, test-tube-hatched babies. Science fiction stories have been written about those futuristic events. They are not so fictional. Some people alive today may .