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A blogger by the name of Bea Blessing elucidated that, “The Bad Girls’ Club is definitely an American reality television line that parodies womanhood and follows the lives regarding seven women with several personalities, behavior and subconscious problems, as they live collectively in a house for three months.” This show undermines the values of females on many levels, and it is indeed a show that thrives on negativity....

Oct 14, 2016 · “The Breakfast Club” made Ally Sheedy an eternal style queen

Anyway, while there was no breakfast-cereal discrimination in the Young household—#AllHotGrainsAndHotCerealsMattered—Cream of Wheat was clearly the preferred option. It was my dad’s favorite, my dad’s favorite to make for me and the only one I was so enamored with that I learned how to make it myself. I am still not above whipping up a bowl of Cream of Wheat at midnight after a night of clubbing or perhaps just while watching Desus & Mero. Which would probably make me the only nigga in America eating Cream of Wheat while watching Desus & Mero.

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14/10/2016 · “The Breakfast Club” made Ally Sheedy an eternal style queen