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The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler, with an introductory essay by Lawrence Clark Powell, illustrated with 40 photographs by Lou Stoumen. San Francisco: Arion Press, 1986.

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So what is the problem, one might wonder. Is it not better that humans stay up more and thus are able to be more productive and better for the economy? Well, that is so in a way, but as with all other things, it also comes with a very big cost. The human body needs a certain amount of sleep every day for it to function effectively. If a person does not sleep over long periods of time, many important parts of the brain stop operating properly and start to affect such bodily functions as body temperature, hormone levels, heart rate and other vital body functions (Sleep Deprivation). Prolonged loss of sleep can cause these functions to become permanently impaired and can also affect a person's memory and mood. A person's judgment can be impaired and he or she might become a hazard for him or herself as they drive their car home, or operate dangerous machinery.

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Chandler's descriptions of Carmen and Vivian, respectively, highlight his use or misuse of the typical female stereotypes in, The Big Sleep.

Chandler's bleak account of corrupt American society became the perfect subject matter for 1940s and 50s Hollywood movie directors, who created a new cinematic style known as (literally "black film"). Film noir is best known for its grim plotlines, dark lighting, tough guys and femme fatales. Chandler's novel The Big Sleep is actually more well-known as the starring none other than (we like to call him Bogie) in the role of Marlowe. Bogie is of course the quintessential tough guy with a hard shell hiding a soft heart. And even though he gets battered and bruised by life's brutality, he always stands up for what's right. And that puts him high on our list of good guys.

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He's got that anti-hero thing going on, which is just what the world was looking for when The Big Sleep was published in 1939. was raging, was looming on the horizon, and folks weren't really in the mood for shinny happy people tying shiny happy crimes up in red bows. So The Big Sleep, jam-packed with corrupt policemen, double-crossing women, shady blackmailers, and gunmen for hire, gives us a different take on the truth.

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Marlowe's the private eye investigator in Raymond Chandler's hardboiled detective novel The Big Sleep. He's a gritty, wisecracking, hard-drinking, tough-as-nails gumshoe living in 1930s Los Angeles. Marlowe doesn't solve cases with the ease and flair of Sherlock, nor does he have the quirky, folksy charm of Columbo. In fact, he's a deeply flawed loner-type who—more often than not—can be a bit of a jerk.

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The Big Sleep featured a long. A smart detective story full of the most exquisite dialogue and. Discuss The Big Sleep on our Movie. Watch The Big Sleep (1946) (1946) Online Free Full Movie Putlocker. Summoned by the dying General Sternwood, Philip Marlowe is asked to deal with several problems. The Big Sleep (1946) - (Original Trailer). Henry s Full House (1952) (Movie Clip) Many Kinds Of A Writer Henry Hathaway, among the five credited directors. The Big Sleep (1946) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

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I have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) a chronic condition in which the airway becomes blocked or restricted during sleep, causing the body to partially wake itself in order to resume breathing (American Academy of Sleep Medicine 3).