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The State Bar of Texas announced results of its statewide 2018 judicial poll. Members of the State Bar of Texas were given an opportunity to vote on candidates in their respective courts of appeals races as well as statewide races. The results are in no way an endorsement of any candidate by the State Bar of Texas, its officers, directors, or staff. The results reflect the opinions of the individual lawyers who voted.

Joe K. Longley of Austin has been elected State Bar of Texas president-elect for 2017-2018. .

797) functioned as an equivalent to an Enabling Act authorizing formation of a State government and Admission thereafter; this annexation was formally accepted by the Republic of Texas (via a Consent Resolution adopted by the Congress of the Republic) on 23 June 1845 (and the State Constitutional Convention- upon first convening on 4 July 1845- formally made both the American and Texan Congressional Resolutions aforementioned the legal basis on which said Convention was thereafter entitled to act)]

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Continuing Texas’ proud military history by working to preserve and expand the state’s 15 major military installations.

The Texas Supreme Court issued an order on June 14, 2016, requiring that members of the State Bar of Texas provide the State Bar with an electronic service email address. The requirement will improve the statewide e-filing system by creating a single, official electronic service address for every State Bar member. To provide your required electronic service address, please log in to My Bar Page.

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- The Caddo Indians of eastern Texas called their group of tribes the "Tejas," meaning "those who are friends".
- The Lone Star State
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- "Texas, Our Texas"

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The State Bar of Texas and Texas Young Lawyers Association publish online and in print pamphlets in both English and Spanish on topics such as the legal system, health issues, family law, and more.

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