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While not all of the symbols are very obvious, the novels title for example, a few of them are, for example, the conch shell, the fire and the parachutist are all very prominent symbols used by Golding.

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The eye colour genes on the X chromosome ofDrosophila are for example closely adjacent but separable loci and not allelesof a single gene.

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Heterozygote advantage (or overdominant selection) is an example in which anallele selected against in the homozygous state is retained because of thesuperiority of heterozygotes (for an example and a list of all known examples,see and ).

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Imagine being stranded on a deserted island paradise. What you discover is a dream come true. Think about what that place would look like, sound like, smell, and feel like. Use the chart below to brainstorm descriptive words and images that appeal to the five senses:

1 Imagine being stranded on a deserted island paradise

Obviously, the idea itself isn’t very original, but what is interesting is the different approaches each of these stories takes. This assignment is to write a brief description of a mysterious island from your own unique perspective.

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Specific examples of pheromones includea substance produced by male cockroaches that orients females in the correctmating positions and a desert locust pheromone that accelerates sexualmaturation in adults of both sexes.

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Being washed ashore on a strange or deserted island is one of the most popular ideas in literature and pop culture. Think about how many well-known stories involve this idea: Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver’s Travels, The Tempest, Lord of the Flies, Swiss Family Robinson, and The Cay, not to mention TV and film versions like Lost, Gilligan’s Island and Castaway.

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Another example is the enzymes, which have severalother functions (transcription, cell cycle regulation, regulation of generearrangements).