Steroid use in professional sports essays for college

Let's be crystal-clear here: Hoffman and Ratamess are saying that bodybuilders, and not "strength/power athletes" (that is, sports athletes), are theusers with reported dependency problems (few as those reports are). Bodybuilders are indeed the source of almost all the negative-effects reports of any kind that doexist, for several reasons (different goals, non-stop use, pure self-medication, and more: examine almost any bodybuilding or steroids-for-sale web site). Beyond what is quoted above, H& R says nothing whatever about addiction (which in itself is strongly indicative).

Steroids in professional sports has became a major issue and has yet to be justified.

Also, since not everybody can be a professional athlete, the elimination of steroid use, in my opinion, would make the fans appreciate the game more and make them feel more relatable....


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Some professional athletes claim to use performance enhancing drugs to recover more quickly from injury; others take them because they have not seen the positive feedback in working out, without the use of the steroids....