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As shown by the evidence given through the documents, Islam spread to many areas of the world because of military conquest, positive messages, political order, and trade.

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United by their faith in God and a commitment to
political consolidation, the merchant elite of Arabia succeeded in
consolidating their power throughout the Arabian peninsula and began to launch
some exploratory offensives north toward Syria.

Expansion Under The First Four Caliphs

During the reigns of the first four caliphs (632-661), Islam spread

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Not only were basic goods and other resources exchanged at various trading posts, but ideas and important elements of Islam could have great potential in expanding the Islam religion and spreading its beliefs and values further into other areas.

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The numerous Islamic trade routes surrounding Mecca served as effective ways of spreading religious Islam ideas through various routes and courses in which people could record Islamic spiritual views.

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The variety of ethnicity and religion existing in these areas has greatly contributed to the religious spread of Islam, and the exchange of new spiritual notions and theologies that express various forms of morality and spirituality.

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Mongol rule witnessed a revival in Nestorian Christianity throughout Eurasia, the spread of Tibetan Buddhism through China to Mongolia, and the expansion of Islam in areas of Eastern Europe.

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