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376 Wells, Rosemary /RW. Voyage to the Bunny Planet boxed set: The Island Light, Moss Pillows, First Tomato. New York: Dial, 1992, 1st; dark blue box with Bunny Queen, three little books in jacket with coloured illustrations on every page and simple text; books are 4.5x5.25"; np. Lean back in your easy chair, the Bunny Planet's waiting there. In each book, a little bunny child is having a stressful, irritating day. Bunny Queen Janet arrives to create the day that should have been; then, unhappiness resolved in the real world, they look into the night sky and see the Bunny Planet high. Although these little books are clearly therapeutic, they have such interesting stories, gentle pictures, and loving resolutions that they stand on their own merits. SIGNED by author-artist, "To Michael with all my love, Rosemary" on the outside of the box in silver pen.
As New, box, books, & jackets; books have not been read; box price $13, flaps are not priced. $65 --sold--

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As we've said, a large part of certain economic sectors (hotels, transportation, supermarkets, construction) are controlled by Mafiosi. In a land without a tangible industrial base, public monies are the Mafia's main target. Everything has its price. Most politicians (Left and Right) can be bought, and the same holds true for managers of most larger banks and utilities. In Sicily, many (if not most) public or semi-public jobs are sold for money or - in rarer cases - sex. (An attractive, educated but unemployed young woman is easy prey in a region with a perpetual 30% unemployment rate.) Public contracts are assigned - actually sold - in exchange for bribes and kickbacks. Everybody expects a substantial kickback (usually at least 10%), from the politician who gets you a public advertising or construction project to the event organizer who gets your musical group a gig in the local music festival. In business, money laundering is a way of life. It's all part of "The New Mafia." In such a climate, the (protection money) and revenue through legitimate businesses set up with Mafia money are still important.