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Under the Northern Territory's Tobacco Control Act 2002 and Tobacco Control Regulations, smoking is banned in enclosed public areas, enclosed workplaces, outdoor public venues, food service areas, public transport, public transport areas, entrance areas, air conditioning inlet areas, outdoor eating and drinking areas and voluntarily declared areas. From 2 January 2010, licensed venues and substantially enclosed areas were included in the ban. As of 2 January 2011, smoking was banned at outdoor eating and drinking areas. Licensed premises are covered by the ban, but these venues may provide an outdoor smoking area (OSA) that makes up no more than 50 per cent of the total outdoor eating and drinking area. The OSA must be separated from the smokefree portion of the outdoor area, and no entertainment may be provided within an OSA. Outdoor public venues that do not serve food may also designate a smoking area.

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From 9 December 2010 smoking was banned in all outdoor eating and drinking places in the Australian Capital Territory apart from designated outdoor smoking areas at licensed premises. Smoking is banned only during periods where food or drink is being offered or provided, consumed or cleared. An 'outdoor eating and drinking place' is defined as a public place where tables and chairs are provided for customers to consume food purchased from an on-site service, or any liquor licensed outdoor area. Liquor licensed venues such as pubs, clubs, taverns and bars may designate part of their licensed outdoor area as a designated outdoor smoking area (DOSA). A DOSA must be separated from non-smoking outdoor areas by a non-permeable wall, or a four metre wide buffer zone. No food or drink service may be provided and no food may be eaten within a DOSA. In addition, the occupier of the licensed premises must maintain a smoking management plan and take reasonable steps to prevent smoke from the DOSA entering any other part of the outdoor eating or drinking place.

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Smoking was banned in all enclosed restaurants, cafes and dining areas of hotels, licensed clubs and shopping centres in Victoria from 2001 under the Tobacco Act 1987 (Vic). From 1 March 2006 the ban was extended to most enclosed workplaces; outdoor areas of underage music/dance events; and covered areas of train station platforms, trams stops and bus stops. Exemptions to the ban on smoking in enclosed workplaces apply in relation to residential premises, casinos, vehicles, sole operator businesses that are not open to the public, personal living areas in paid accommodation or residential care, approved mental health facilities and immigration detention facilities. An exemption applied to licensed premises until 1 July 2007 when smoking was completely banned in enclosed licensed premises. At the same time, smoking was banned in outdoor dining or drinking areas with a roof and walls in place that are more than 75 per cent enclosed.

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Smoking is banned in enclosed public places in the Australian Capital Territory under the Smoke-Free Public Places Act 2003 (ACT) ('the Smoke-Free Public Places Act'). To be considered 'enclosed', a public place must have an overhead cover, and be 75 per cent or more enclosed. Smoking was first banned in most enclosed public places including dining areas of restaurants and cafes under 1994 legislation, making the Australian Capital Territory the first Australian jurisdiction to ban smoking in restaurants. The Australian Capital Territory was also the first jurisdiction to ban smoking in enclosed areas of pubs and clubs when it enacted a partial ban in these areas four years later. A complete ban on smoking in enclosed areas of pubs and clubs came into effect on 1 December 2006. Since 9 December 2010, smoking has been banned in outdoor eating and drinking places (other than in designated outdoor smoking areas of licensed premises) and at under-age functions. The Smoke-Free Public Places Act also requires occupiers of premises to take reasonable steps to prevent smoke from entering no-smoking areas, including neighbouring premises. This may require that smoking not occur in some outdoor public places, such as areas near to windows, doorways and air intakes. Smoking is also banned in all enclosed areas of the Canberra casino. The Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Tasmania are the only Australian jurisdictions to have banned smoking in all enclosed areas of casinos including high-roller rooms.

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