But none of these ailmentsis caused by smoking, much less by ETS.

Despite education and awareness thepressure to smoke still outweighs the common sense in many.

There is no quick and easy solution in the task to solve the problem ofteenage smoking.

Some people think that smoking cigarettes are a helpful way to reduce stress for the moment.

In many cases around the globe older and younger men and women are dieing from lung cancer because in fact they are smokers and the tobacco companies could care less because they are making money.

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Smokers are bannedfrom universities, libraries, most places of business and the halls ofgovernment.

The up taking ofsmoking is most directly influenced by peer pressure; peers are thenumber one factor in determining whether or not an individual or a teenin this case, will try a first cigarette, presumably in high school.

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Deaths caused by alcohol, car accidents, suicide, AIDS, homicide, and illegal drugs combined are actually less than the number of deaths caused by cigarette smoking.

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The vast majority of teenagers are educated and aware of thedangers and hazards of smoking, yet many continue to uptake thisharmful habit due to external circumstances such as peer pressure andacademic pressure.

A handful of teenagers fall under peer pressure to smoke.

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This essay will propose to outline the causes and the effects of this anti-smoking attitude in the UK and the USA and explain why similar campaigns would or would not be effective in Qatar....

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For a preview ofthe truth likely to emerge, we have only to look at a recent Australiancourt case in which the Australian Department of Occupational Health, Safetyand Welfare was pressing a complaint against a casino in an attempt toenforce a no-smoking law.

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In recent years, however, they have madegreat progress using the theory that smoking is bad for the health of others:that Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) can, in fact, be deadly.

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Table 7.11 tabulates 6 studies and their results, which reallyshow the contrary to what the prosecution witnesses say." The decision,handed down in Perth on September 17, 1993, concluded: "Whilst ETS is annoyingand of discomfort to non smokers it has not been proved at the requiredstandard, or at all, that it is a risk to the health of the employees atthe Casino."