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Through the story around the life and family of Jurgis Rudjus, a Lithuanian immigrant who comes to America with the belief to change their life and live in a better condition, Sinclair expresses that “The Jungle” is a symbol of capitalism....

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In the “Progressive Era”, Sinclair’s ideas were at the center of the social movement, due to the brutality of the time period, The Jungle was not easily published.

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CHICAGO WILL BE OURS!" (Sinclair 372-73) So, according to some critics, it becomes clear that The Jungle is a propaganda destined to promote socialism over capitalism, and to reveal the hollowness of the American Dream, which capitalists define it as b...

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There is some question about Sinclair's early education: some accounts say he was educated in the public schools of Baltimore; others, that he was a sickly child and was educated at home. After leaving Baltimore, his education continued on New York's east side. He paid for his City College of New York education by writing fiction and ethnic jokes for newspapers and magazines. He later completed graduate studies at Columbia University, paying his bills by cranking out dime novels.

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The author of over 90 books-novels, plays, essays-Upton Sinclair is best remembered for The Jungle, his expose on the meatpacking industry. He had intended to write about the plight of the working class, he said, especially immigrants in meatpacking plants. But his investigation led him to reveal such shocking health conditions in that industry that the resulting book became a beacon for social and political change.

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“Average Waves in Unprotected Waters” by Anne Tyler and The Jungle by Upton Sinclair have similar messages; however, each story displays these messages by using different themes, characterization and symbols.