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She ends up siding with Romeo because she must be a good wife and support him and be on his side no matter what he does.
Conflicts In Romeo and Juliet
Act 1- scene 1
In scene 1, the monatgues and capulets servingmean break out in a fight.

How does Shakespeare use conflict in Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 1

Conflicts in Act 1
Conflicts in Act 3
Conflicts in Act 2
Act 4- Scene 3

Conflicts in Act 4
The conflict in this scene is that the Juliet's dad tells her that she is getting married with Paris on Thursday so she decides to drink the potion that friar lawrence gives her.

Conflicts in Act 5
Act 5-Scene 2
This specific conflict is when Friar Laurence's letter was not able to reach Romeo and he decides to go to the tomb and wait til Juliet wakes up to take her back to his cell, but Romeo thinks she is dead.

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Finally, make links between the ways the writers present the theme of conflict.Act 3, Scene 1 is a crucial scene in `Romeo & Juliet'.

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