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The role of women in the 1950s certainly cast a bad light on the decade, as women were essentially treated as second-class citizens, and servants to some degree. They were looked down upon if they chose school over marriage or family. According to the media, as long as they played their roles at home, they would be contributing to society. While these ideas may seem too radical in today’s day and age, the women did not know any better than to go along with the trend. It cannot be underestimated how much of an impact the women of the 1950s had in shaping our nation’s history in the coming decades.

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American society in the 1950s centered on the family. Marriage and children were at the top of the nation’s priority list. Unfortunately, the media portrayed women as childbearing, stay-at-home mothers who could not spread their wings and explore other options. Women would be taught the proper way to be a wife and mother, and the majority of women would sacrifice potential careers in the workforce because of this. They became the “support troops,” catering to their man’s every need and making sure that life at home was enjoyable and relaxing. While their husbands were off at work, the wives would be responsible for the daily tasks associated with maintaining a home, and to nurture and look after the children if they had any. While the roles of women would change significantly in the coming decades, many principles remain the same nowadays as they did in the ’50s.

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Essay On Role Of Media In Modern Society - Essay On Role Of Media In Modern Society