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An Essay in the Rhetorical Criticism of the house of the seven gables plot summay Scientific Discourse." Rhetoric Review 3.1 (1984): I was the kid in English.

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Four common basic steps to all forms of rhetorical criticism:
1) Select an artifact (rhetorical artifact)
2) Analyze the artifact
3) Formulate the research question
4) Construct the essay

Types of artifacts: a speech, a film, a campaign slogan etc.

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Some examples can illustrate how rhetorical devices work What is a Critical Essay?

: The purpose of thisseminar is to immerse you in rhetorical theories and introduce you tothe way in which those theories can be expanded and applied tocriticism. Accordingly, each week, we will be reading a selection ofprimary documents, and then examining essays that apply thosetheories to the criticism of a text, or engage with and expand uponthe theories more generally.