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One of the problems with providing model answers to exam questions is that IELTS does not release the questions. This means I rely on students to remember the exact essay question. Unfortunately, the exact wording is essential. Just one word different and the essay will be different. With this essay, students kept telling me different words. I put up ideas for the topic but I couldn’t write a model answer because of this.

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established a small fishing village near the site of today's Port of Karachi, and their descendants still live on the island of Abdullah Goth near the Port of Karachi. In the 1550s, Ottoman visited the city. Karachi was first mentioned as a port in an Arabic essay, Muhit, about navigation on India's west coast and in the Persian Gulf. The paper advises sailors to seek shelter in Karachi Harbor if they were in trouble.

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The Port of Karachi is one of the world's fastest-growing cities, and it faces the challenges of rapid growth: traffic, pollution, street crime, and poverty. These problems plague the Port of Karachi with a reputation for being a not-very-livable city. Traffic and air pollution are major problems facing the city, and the city has created new parks and planted trees in hopes of reducing pollution and improving the environment.