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This course is designed for native-speaking students who do not have any or very limited previous formal education in Spanish. Students will learn basic writing conventions. They will also focus on reading comprehension, expanding/enriching vocabulary necessary to communicate in different disciplines such as science, art, literature, business, etc. In this course students will learn the importance of formal register, how to speak Spanish in a professional setting and how differentiate between Social Spanish and Academic Spanish. Students will develop an appreciation for the regionalisms that exist in a language that is spoken in many countries of the hispanic world.

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This course builds on students’ previous engineering and design courses by providing an opportunity via an independent capstone project to engage fully with the engineering design process: recognizing the need for an engineering solution to a problem; researching the problem to identify needs, constraints and competition (existing solutions / patents); generate ideas for solutions that account for engineering, ethical and business considerations; develop a prototype of the solution; create and carry out a test plan to evaluate the solution; and communicate about that solution’s results. Students will also be required to work professionally and collaboratively in this endeavor. In this process and through case studies, students will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of ethical and business considerations in addition to the engineering issues at hand. This course also provides opportunities for students to gain college- and career-related experience via researching college requirements specific to engineering programs of study, researching job requirements for recent engineering graduates, and participating in job shadows at local engineering firms.

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