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Born Ralph Lipschitz in 1939, the name of American designer Ralph Lauren has became synonymous with status, class, and taste. In 1968, he launched a menswear line, Polo, offering styles that were refined, a mix of English classic and traditional American, and conveyed the image of landed gentry to a society that had little use for class, but enormous use for money. In 1971 Lauren introduced his women's line, which developed into four lifestyle groups: collection, classics, country, and active. Eyewear was launched in 1974, boyswear and the fragrances Polo for men and Lauren for women in 1978. Girls' clothing was introduced in 1981; footwear followed in 1982; an extensive home collection in 1983; then came scarves, hosiery, sleepwear, leather goods, luggage, jewelry, and finally his Safari fragrance in 1990. One of the secrets of Lauren's success lay in his obsession with detail, always checking product quality and maintaining tight control over the brand image he crafted so carefully. This enabled him to leverage the Polo/Ralph Lauren brand with over 25 lucrative licensing contracts, as well as introduce sub-brands such as Polo Sport (in 1994) targeted to a younger, more active adult.

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Ralph Lauren has established his own medley of signature classic - well cut hacking jackets, man tailored shirts, pleated trousers, chic city suit and exquisitely-colored Fairisle and motif sweaters.

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"Its legendary Polo brand and unparalleled design and merchandising capabilities make Ralph Lauren a natural partner to bring smart clothing technology into everyday lives."

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Giron will be wearing the Polo Tech during practices, allowing him to track biometrics and make adjustments in real time to his play, form and breathing.

Ralph Lauren sees its new shirt going beyond fitness and athletes and becoming of value to people in everyday life.

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Recently, one of my customers visited the store and couldn’t hide his excitement on his recent vacation in Dubai and how he had discovered a “cheap source” for the popular Polo by Ralph Lauren polos, t-shirts and shirts.

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Widely seen as the number one brand that symbolize the American Style, Polo Ralph Lauren has implemented to its marketing strategy, which has leaded they to become a strong brand equity since being set up....