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No family should be living under conditions where they are too poor to feed themselves properly. Yet, poverty remains an issue in Canada and other western nations, in spite of our affluence. Children going without food have more difficulty learning in school and face many other disadvantages from the start. Photosensitive believes in the ideal that children should never go hungry and that our entire society benefits if no family is too poor to feed its children.

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The PhotoSensitive exhibits and focused on the ravages of Aids in Africa. However, a subtext of the photographs was inevitably the poverty in Rwanda, Zambia and other sub-Sahara African countries. Poverty is a sad part of why HIV and AIDS are so poorly treated in these countries. Photographers came home with stories of grandmothers taking care of 10 to 20 grandchildren, and families being unable to afford the smallest medical procedures. Some of the more startling images of poverty in Africa are as follows.

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