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In this paper, I will address my personal opinions and philosophy about education....

Due to the dynamic and controversial quality of this area, it is necessary for a prospective teacher to develop his or her personal philosophy of education, whether it is a hodge-podge of several standard examples or one clear viewpoint.

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These viewpoints were helpful in determining my own educational philosophy.

Locke makes this distinction in Book II Chapter 8 of the Essay andusing Boyle’s terminology calls the two different classes ofproperties the primary and secondary qualities of an object. Thisdistinction is made by both of the main branches of the mechanicalphilosophy of the seventeenth and early eighteenth century. Both theCartesian plenum theorists, who held that the world was full ofinfinitely divisible matter and that there was no void space, and theatomists such as Gassendi, who held that there were indivisible atomsand void space in which the atoms move, made the distinction betweenthese two classes of properties. Still, the differences between thesetwo branches of the mechanical philosophy affect their account ofprimary qualities. In the Chapter on Solidity Locke rejects theCartesian definition of body as simply extended and argues that bodiesare both extended and impenetrable or solid. The inclusion of solidityin Locke’s account of bodies and of primary qualities distinguishesthem from the void space in which they move.

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One instructor said to me, “Your view on educational elements may have changed,” and another said, “Randy, your philosophy on the way you view yourself as a teacher and the view of your classroom may have evolved into a more manageable, realistic perspective,” and they were both right....

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The greater the number of connections to a network of ideas, the better the understanding (Van de Walle, 2007, p.27).” My philosophy of a constructivist mathematics education At what point does a student, in all intents and purposes, experience something mathematical.

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I will mainly look at how philosophy has made education what it is today and how philosophers would change education to make it better in their opinion.

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A teacher’s personal education philosophy creates a path for his/her approach to help students meet their fullest potential by believing in them as capable individuals.