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Though in principle the list is huge, in practice we are talking about one substance: hGH, human growth hormone. As with steroids, a good introductory article is the one in Wikipedia,this titled .

Also noteworthy is an article, , in which the authors conclude that:

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The consensus findings in the scientific literature are that the incidence of nontrivial psychiatric effects in steroid users is a few percent, something from 1% to 4%--say around 2% asan average finding. But the literature also makes clear that in many of even those few instances--probably a clear majority of them--the subjects brought their own existing problems to thedeal. The remaining fraction of users, those whose problems apparently arise chiefly or solely from the steroids, could reasonably be estimated at less than 1%, with those being the resultof an atypical biochemical reaction (something comparable to an allergy).

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It is a commonplace in medicine that persons with any of several mental problems tend to engage in a wide spectrum of reckless behaviors, usually including multiple simultaneous forms ofsubstance abuse. Thus, a careless reckoning of whether a given set of users (or abusers) of a substance seem to have mental problems may not be at all indicative. This is sometimes calledthe "bread paradox": it is like saying that since well over 90% of convicted criminals confess to having eaten bread within hours of committing their crime, bread is clearly a psychoactivesubstance that induces criminal behavior.

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Other studies also strongly that the probable cause of the few percent of exceptions to be found are atypical idiosyncratic reactions--in layman's terms, the functional equivalent of anallergy. For instance, in 2000, Pope, Kouri, and Hudson, in (Arch Gen Psychiatry. 2000;57:133-140), a randomized, placebo-controlled crossover trial involving50 subjects, found that--

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About a decade ago, one of the first major medical investigations into steroidal effects, (Bhasin, et al., N Engl J Med. 1996 Jul 4;335(1):1-7), while reporting generalresults added that Neither mood nor behavior was altered in any group. , one of the nation's best-known experts on steroids in sports (and for steroids, either) has many times written on the topic; in 1996, he and colleagues published an update to their 1990 paper (Sports Med.1996 Dec;22(6):367-90), in which update the Abstract states (emphases added):

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That "extremely small" correlates with (as cited above) Pope's 4% (which was only two men); in general, the literature supports an estimate of 1% to a maximum of 4% of users having somesort of mental problems; but, as we have seen, whether that is correlation or actual cause-and-effect is unclear. Now let us further consult the professional literature by particularclaim.