de Huszar, introduction by Friedrich A.

Today’s is insane. Drugs and surgical procedures, with extremely few exceptions, are the . That is not because they are the best, but because they are the most lucrative. Watching alternative cancer treatments being , or seeing , and attacked because they suggest that changing our diets , is indicative of a tremendous racket that rakes in the cash as millions die needlessly.

Hayden Boyers, ed.Introduction by Dean Russell

Monsanto and other companies have created genetically engineered seeds that create sterile crops, which force farmers to buy more seeds the next year. They are also making seeds dependent on artificial fertilizers and pesticides. It is even scarier than that. Monsanto came out with Bovine Growth Hormone ("BGH"), which sucks even more milk and life out of those . To millions of Americans, such practices are not only scary, but evil. With the introduction of BGH, organic dairy farmers began advertising that there was no BGH in their milk. Because agribusiness companies largely own the USDA, in a classic instance of , nobody could count on the USDA to find that BGH was harmful. In an Orwellian summersault, Monsanto sued the organic dairies, trying to . It is similar to the agribusiness attempts to define “organic” to allow , then outlaw any higher standard. Fortunately, the American legal system is not yet , and Monsanto did not get its way in court.

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Williams, Foreword by Sheldon Richman, and "The Book and Author" by Bertrand de Jouvenel.

Dennis has never really written his life story. There have been pieces of it in books such as , but if his full story were ever told, it would seem ridiculous. Dennis is quite a promoter, but he need not stretch anything when discussing his life. What makes Dennis "great" is not his , his entrepreneurial savvy, his audacity, his clever mind or promoter’s talents. It is his integrity and great heart.

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The "noted Tesla technology researcher" was in fact a from the Bonneville Power Administration. His "noted Tesla technology researcher" image was the latest sheep’s skin that the wolf wore, and many at the Global Sciences meeting thought that a bona fide corporate hit man was a sincere researcher and their friend. As of 2015, the .

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This site deals with the idea of the evolution of souls through the physical plane experience, and world history largely deals with the activities of . In relation to the legal system, legitimate and illegitimate application of the law can be a useful way to perceive the dynamics. The Ten Commandments were righteous, yet they were mainly about forbidden practices. For their day they worked, although few ever lived by them, with Moses breaking his first tablets in disgust. The Fifth Commandment forbids murder. The commandment is clear and unequivocal, but many clever people have created an exception to that Commandment whenever the need arose, such as matters of war, to "defend" oneself, executing "criminals," and so on. Those clever sophists were among the earliest lawyers.

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Mr. Skeptic has frequently announced that he "debunked" and otherwise disposed of Dennis. Dennis feels that Mr. Skeptic may be clandestinely working for the energy interests or some agency such as the CIA. It is difficult to distinguish provocateurs from freelance, low integrity operators, as they largely act the same. I would respect Mr. Skeptic’s work more if he was a paid provocateur, as the BPA Hit Man was, but Mr. Skeptic may have been free-lancing his efforts, for reasons only he knows. In 2009, the , and when Dennis was finally out of the energy business in the USA, Mr. Skeptic quietly folded his tents and as of early 2015, no longer had a presence on the Internet. If he was a paid provocateur, that is exactly what I would have expected from him, as his work was finished, with Dennis run out of the USA. He set up shop the day after Dennis's Philadelphia show, spewed lies for nearly 20 years, and then when the target of his lies was finally run out of the country, he quietly disappeared from the scene, but like Bill the BPA Hit Man, he may reappear when needed.