Part 1: Math Methodology: Instruction

What the Gospels state matter-of-factly and without narrative elaboration is luridly expanded by Emmerich: First they used "a species of thorny stick covered with knots and splinters. The blows from these sticks tore His flesh to pieces; his blood spouted out...." (p. 135). Then she describes the use of scourges "composed of small chains, or straps covered with iron hooks, which penetrated to the bone and tore off large pieces of flesh at every blow" (p. 135).

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Changing the question. Teachers might take an existing question and turn it into an open question. For example, a text might have the question "A cookie has a diameter of 1.75 inches. Express the diameter as a fraction in simplest form." An associated open question might be "The diameter of a cookie is between 1 and 2 inches. Express the diameter as a fraction in two different ways." (p. 9)

The elements of the Passion story are these:

Prepare to be pulled in. Get ready to go places. Anticipate enlightenment. Meet Connections.

has a video series on developing a growth mindset, which was created in collaboration with Carol Dweck. It is meant for young learners. Explore this big idea with animated characters, Mojo and Katie.

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The mediaeval monk John of Fécamp (died 1078) wrote a famous description of the body of the dying Christ, which clearly inspired many painters...

The Roman historian Tacitus wrote in his Annals that:

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In some of the late medieval treatises on the Passion, this description is elaborated with the additional detail that Christ's hands were tied so tightly that blood burst from his fingernails.

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His naked breast gleamed white, his bloody side grew red, his stretched out innards grew dry, the light of his eyes grew faint, his long arms grew stiff, his marble legs hung down, a stream of holy blood moistened his pierced feet.

Understanding MOOCs as an emerging online learning tool.

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