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Dialectical reversal of otherness is important in the sense that it makes individuals to get their way out without looking bad or taking the blame. In real life situations, people encounter different situations that make them vulnerable. The only way that they get to solve such problems is through their actions and the way they interact with others. The concept is therefore employed to avoid conflict or to solve a problem without making issues go out of hand.

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Dialectical reversal of otherness is also a concept that is clearly used in different literary works to portray how society perpetrates its discrimination and inequality. One of the authors who employed this concept was George Orwell in his novel, ‘Animal Farm”. In this novel, he uses a phrase, ‘all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” to illustrates how other animals view themselves as more important than others. Those that have power or authority use this power to manipulate and oppress their subjects and yet they are all animals. Such inequalities and orthodox ways of leadership is an illustration of this concept. Animals use one another for their own benefits and after they achieve or get what they aspire to get; they exclude those animals that have helped them by mistreating them.

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I concur. An oppressive communalism constitutes a derailment, an abuse of Ubuntu. By contrast, true Ubuntu incorporates dialogue, i.e. it incorporates both relation and distance. It preserves the other in his otherness, in his uniqueness, without letting him slip into the distance (cf. Macquarrie, 1972:110; Shutte, 1993:49, 51).