Roosevelt selecthis own successor.

I see one--grandson of a hardrider of the Revolution and bearer of his historic name--who was with usat Fair Oaks, and afterwards for five days and nights in front of the enemythe only sleep that he would take was what he could snatch sitting erectin his uniform and resting his back against a hut.

on March 6, 1935 andwas buried in Section 5 of Arlington National Cemetery.

For one hour, twice a year at least--at theregimental dinner, where the ghosts sit at table more numerous than theliving, and on this day when we decorate their graves--the dead come backand live with us.

has been added to these lists:

I have ordered a stone of the form conventional forofficers which will bear my name, Bvt.

On this day, at least, we still meetand rejoice in the closest tie which is possible between men-- a tie whichsuffering has made indissoluble for better, for worse.

He had been class poet and prize essayist in college.

They are the same bright figures, or theircounterparts, that come also before your eyes; and when I speak of thosewho were my brothers, the same words describe yours.

It is only a question if you have the eyes.'"

The other, after passing through allthe previous battles, went into Fredericksburg with strange premonitionof the end, and there met his fate.[Web Note: Cpt.

in 1866 and went to Europeto climb some mountains.

Will he get his carbinefree before I reach him, or can I kill him first?These and the thousandother events we have known are called up, I say, by accident, and, apartfrom accident, they lie forgotten.

In 1870 he was made editor of the American Law Review.

They cared nothing for theirlives." High breeding, romantic chivalry--we who have seen these men cannever believe that the power of money or the enervation of pleasure hasput an end to them.

Here is the text to be unfolded.

You meet an old comrade after many years ofabsence; he recalls the moment that you were nearly surrounded by the enemy,and again there comes up to you that swift and cunning thinking on whichonce hung life and freedom--Shall I stand the best chance if I try thepistol or the sabre on that man who means to stop me?

All that isto come will be development and commentary.

She still is motherof a race of conquerors--stern men, little given to the expression of theirfeelings, sometimes careless of their graces, but fertile, tenacious, andknowing only duty.