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the uncommon cheapness of provisions in Ireland would lead persons ignorant of the country to suppose the inhabitants abundantly supplied: but though the best beef and mutton were sold at Limerick for two-pence per pound, immediately before Christmas, few of the peasantry were, even on that festival, equal to its purchase. The multitude cannot obtain labour; those that do, earn but from 6d. To 8d. Per day, which barely provides potatoes for their, in general, numerous progenies. [11]
Another potato crop failure in June 1817 led to a large crowd of people in Limerick again raiding merchants’ stores for flour and oatmeal, but this event was dwarfed by the food riot which occurred in Limerick City thirteen years later. [12]

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Other oatmeals take longer amounts of time to cook, but in the end, produce a hot cereal with a richer texture.

After selecting the proper oatmeal, make sure that your kitchen is equipped with the necessary materials to prepare this wholesome breakfast.

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Finally learned how to make your own oatmeal,
after countless mornings of waiting
for me to do it.
And I did.
Hard to understand why a man
who can make a multi-million dollar deal
can’t read those four lines of instructions
on the oatmeal bag.