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A study of relations between common acoustic stimuli and the responses they elicit; consideration of sensory scales, noise phenomena, and speech intelligibility. Prerequisite: . LEC.

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This course will introduce the principles of neuroscience and describe their application as relevant to physical therapists. The course will introduce the terminology of the nervous system and cover the major functions of the nervous systems. This course will also integrate neurophysiology and neuroanatomy into the clinical presentation of adults with neurologic pathology. The etiology, epidemiology signs, and symptoms of selected neurological conditions will be presented. The medical management of patients with nervous system disorders will be presented in relationship to the practice of physical therapy. The course will introduce examination of impairments for persons with neuromuscular pathologies. Students will be presented with simple case studies and progress to more complex patient problems. Learning opportunities include lecture and laboratory. Prerequisite: Successful completion of the first 4 semesters of the DPT curriculum or permission of instructor. LEC.

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A study of global public health and nutrition concerns in various nations, assessment of nutritional status of diverse populations, international health and nutrition organizations, policies, and interventions. We explore the roles of dietitians, nutritionists, and others in creating and implementing international public health and nutrition policies and interventions. To enroll in the course, you must be a student in the Graduate Certificate Dietetic Internship Program, the Dietetics and Nutrition Master of Science Program, or the Great Plains IDEA, or have the consent of the instructor. Cross-listed with . LEC.

The offers the following graduate degrees:

Principles of immunohematology as applied to transfusion services, donor services, component preparation and storage, and transfusion therapy. Includes problem solving for transfusion related situations and evaluation of problems related to hemolytic disease of the newborn, autoimmune hemolytic disorders, and transfusion reactions. Prerequisite: or , , or consent of instructor. LAB.

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Lectures on hematopoiesis, the physiology, function, and cytochemistry of normal and abnormal blood cells, normal and abnormal hemostasis, and the theory and performance of laboratory methods related to these parameters. Prerequisite: and or consent of instructor. LEC.

Two certificate programs are available at the graduate level:

A laboratory with recitation involving performance of hematology laboratory procedures with emphasis on basic hematologic and coagulation techniques and the identification of normal and abnormal cells in the peripheral blood and bone marrow. Prerequisite: , and or concurrently, or consent of the instructor. LAB.

Spring 2018 through Fall 2018

A laboratory with recitation involving performance of immunoassays. Emphasis on theory, methodologies, and clinical correlations. Prerequisite: , or , or consent of instructor. LEC.

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An introduction to the chemistry and metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids, and other biologically important molecules. Topics include cellular processes, reactions and interactions occurring in living organisms. Prerequisite: Admission to the Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences or consent of instructor. LEC.