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Another thing I think would be helpful to researchers is a comprehensive list of things that predate the shooting like Chalk Hill. Like with 9/11 when the summer before the Bush administration told the FBI to “Back off” the Bin Ladens or the rule change about allowing pilots to no longer be armed. These things all point to pre-knowledge and planning on someone’s part.
Maybe research is getting stuck due to looking only at the event and the fallout instead of things that preceded it.
It’s an avenue I think might be worth exploring anyway.

The report also stated that undiagnosed anorexia could have affected his mental state.

Link to Info on the Libor Scandal: …/fdic-sues-16-global-banks-for…/2) ~ If Chris Manfredonia was on-site at SHE in the morning to help with building Gingerbread Houses which he claims as the reason for his being there, why then do other parents, such as Diana and Roberts Lacotta, report on CNN and they were planning to go in at 2pm to do the same end-of-the-day-type activity and why did Neil Heslin tell the NY Post he was going to go in at 2:30?

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I found absolutely nothing alluding to their qualifications for handling BMW, bloodborne pathogens or Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIM). They are, by all indications, simply a restoration company like so many others across the country.

Bless you, you Crankyvarmint 🙂

I wrote back thanking Ms. Basch for her response and asked if she could tell me who it was that had passed along these details to her. Ms. Basch did not respond. I waited a few days and wrote back explaining that I don’t need to know the actual name of the person but I would appreciate it if she could provide me the role/position/authority of the person that had passed along the info. Again, Ms. Basch did not respond.

That was just the pep talk I needed.

I have no idea where this comes from nor can I find it’s original source. The only place you’ll find it mentioned is in the post by Mr. Johnson. It seems very odd that a company would invest in the equipment required to handle crime scene clean up and not bother to advertise those services. Frankly I’m highly suspicious and skeptical of the appearance of this piece of information.

“Abandoned backwater turned movie studio”

“I absolutely could have been incorrect in stating that JP Maguire was involved in the cleanup of the school. I’m not a reporter. And this audio diary was an excerpt from an essay I wrote for n+1, which was a highly personal account of what the first few days felt like here for me in my town. I wrote it at the end of Dec. 2012, when the world was still very much upside down.”

At this point…that would not surprise me in the slightest.

Mr. Johnson ends his debunking post by attempting to contradict a point in this article, namely, the necessity of stringent transport requirements and permits for bio-medical waste.