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Those experiences and many others were part of a radical change in my worldview. The single biggest change was the first, when that woman held up . After that, I was not quick to call anything "impossible," especially regarding the abilities of human consciousness. By age 21, I had five years of increasing study under my belt. In those days, a few books were highly influential to me; one was by Richard Bach, which was his follow-up to . I have read a vast array of spiritual material since , but it is still one of the greatest spiritual masterpieces that I have encountered. Perhaps the most influential book I ever read was the , first published in 1907. Levi Dowling, an American Christian minister, wrote it. Dowling produced the book over a number of years while in a deep trance state. He was allegedly accessing the Akashic record, in which every thought and act of Creation is recorded. That is the theory, anyway. I read the at age 18. For the first time, I began to understand spirituality. For two years, that book was on my bedside table. Every night as I went to bed, I picked up the book and read from it.

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Evaluating my Spiritual Life Description: Preferred language style: English (U.S.) Carefully scan and review Peterson book, Working the Angles: the Shape of Pastoral Integrity. Write a 3 page double spaced personal reflection paper about how the concepts of this book have impacted your spiritual life. Write about your personal prayer life and the need for prayer. Write about your personal Bible study habits. This is not a book review. An emphasis must be put on the personal application of the textbook, not review of the contents. This paper is review and evaluation of your personal life:other research materials may be included in th paper, and other maybe addressed. Please use footnotes according to Turabian style as you cite your sources and substantiate your claims. The book: Working the Angles: The Shape of Pastoral integrity. By Eugene H. Peterson.

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After you have taken the Life-Purpose Inventory, mediate on your answers and journal write daily until you feel a sense of direction or clarity. You may sense the part you are to play and the arena in which you will play in the big picture of life or you may just see the next step or two for you. Write down all your impressions; they are important even if some appear to be mundane. For example, take it seriously if you feel you need to get your house, closets, drawers, and files in order. By eliminating what you do not need, you open the door for what you do need to come to you.

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Some of you do not recognize that your spiritual Self, soul, or God (substitute the right word for you) has called you to express your life in a certain direction. Without defining it as a spiritual purpose, you may have had a lot of inner drive to accomplish certain goals or to develop and use certain talents many times as an avocation. If you were to turn around and review your life, you might see some important patterns that point in the direction of seeing your purpose. Maybe you had a strong desire to build or refinish furniture, to raise orchids, to know the names of local trees and birds, to write letters to the editor in your local paper, or to start your own business. I will tell you about two people that I believe are expressing their spiritual purpose in this way, yet might not describe it such terms. The desire to develop and enjoy one's interests and talents can be viewed as actualizing a spiritual purpose. If it happens to benefit others that is great; however, the fact is, if it brings more joy, peace, and love into your life, it benefits the world.

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Let me illustrate how the yin approach worked for two of my friends where for each their spiritual purpose found them. Friend number one had been on the journey to wholeness and self-awareness for a long time and had done a lot of inner healing before this purpose appeared. My friend and her husband adopted their granddaughter as a two-year-old. This was a total surprise and if you had asked my friend earlier if this was in the cards, she would have been the loudest person to protest. It evolved gradually and one day during a family crisis she just knew what she needed to do. Parenting this child with all the awareness that she now has is her spiritual mission and she is very conscious of the fact.