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At the same time [1966], was marching for peace, writing for undergroundnewspapers, and got arrested by the FBI in a raid for writing subversive material,against the vietnam war, but we were all let go (my family knows about this fromday One) . . . marched and supported Cesar Chavez sometime in the next fewyears, too . . . one of my anti-war friends was shot and thrown into a freezer. Itwas Texas, after all. [ellipses in original]

Have a good rest my dear girlfriend and do not forget that I love you to the moon and back.
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If Judyth’s pieces of “evidence” point to a pretty prosaic life, independent sources show her lifeto have been much more mundane than she portrays it. For example, her former husbandremembers that, rather than being mysteriously “set up” with the job at Reily Coffee Company,she got it when she got tired of flipping hamburgers at a local burger joint.

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I ended up spending my entire time at the fair with Shane, 31, and his girlfriend Maggie, 19
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Let me just tell you that I am 18 and a senior in high school. Mrs. Baker, Judyth, washired at my school last year as our english teacher. What a mistake it turned out to be. Shenever taught us, she just went on about her “stories” which we all claimed were lies andthat she needed to be cooped up somewhere. She was crazy because every time she hearda “loud noise” she would act like she was having a seizure in the classroom. Our schoolrealized the mistake and fired her after a month and a half. (Post by Paulio, dated 7:55PMPST Nov 19, 2003).