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I haven't seen the other movies (I think maaaaybe I saw Thunderdome a long long time ago? I'd like to watch it again at any rate), but Fury Road stood on its own easily enough. Shame you missed it in theaters, because it was definitely a movie worth seeing on the big screen.

Jackson Katz conducts trainings for:

Honestly, what I'm learning about social history of the early 20th century is all pretty much stuff I've been learning the past couple of years after getting interested in gangsters (because once you start researching , you have to research all of the circumstances above and below that lead to prohibition and the rise of organized crime, etc).

A documentary film about food, family, and tradition.

Byron Hurt will show and discuss Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes at the NEH Summer Institute.

Which is…frustrating, really, because we know there's not going to be a pay-off, and you shouldn't use the language of film to mislead your audience in quite this way.

Steve Rogers is a 98-year old virgin.

There's a quote from one of Bujold's Vorkosigan books about how people from an egalitarian society adjust fine to aristocracies as long as they get to be the aristocrats, which I think is where all our shiny rose-colored glasses come into play.

Actually, let’s talk about that body for a moment.

There are some people who, any time you say "only 10% of the people [good circumstance]" will immediately cast themselves in that percentage regardless of evidence to the contrary. Just look at the number of Ren Faire nobles, Steampunk Captains or people who theorize about zombie apocalypse plans for examples.

OK, let’s take a moment to stop laughing before we continue.

And THIS! Yup. This is what needs be said to every whiney fucking dude who moans that feminism is at fault for his singledom. (Also, pssst: Here's a secret. You'd have been single in the Fifties or Victorian times too because even a good job didn't compensate for being an unmitigated asshole. Unless you think you'd have been nobility or some shit. Read a book, fool]

Before he became Studly Good Night.

That is, the Talk about what to do if one of us gets bitten by a zombie–kill immediately, or leave us behind with a weapon to try and stall for time. My only caveat was that he can't let either of my siblings kill me if I get zombied.

That’s how you be a real man. No toxicity required.

How do you even type an opinion that basically amounts to "I wish people didn't have a choice but to fuck me in order to survive" without wondering where things went wrong with your self respect and moral code?