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Missioners, who wanted to convert the inhabitants of the new lands, also propelled this new policy, and theories such as the Social Darwinism and the Manifest Destiny made people believed it was right for America to expand its frontiers and help the less fortune....


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In Polk's inaugural address on March 4, 1845, Polk underscored his faith in America's manifest destiny.

The 1840s saw the ascendance of two cultural phenomena. One was xenophobia directed toward non-Anglo whites, and the other was a concept known as . An American diplomat, when making the case for annexing Texas, first used the term in 1845. It borrowed from the Jewish idea of a land promised to them by God and then killing the inhabitants to get it. Manifest Destiny provided a similar rationale for the USA, and even retroactively sanctified its vast murders. The Indians of eastern North America were gone, so American racism needed a new target, and the immigrants, even though their skin was white, served that purpose. On the frontiers however, there were still natives to eradicate, and the hatred could still be focused on dark-skinned subhumans.

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These stereotypes and inaccuracies - some historians call them outright lies - are key to our story about Manifest Destiny. Over the next two days, we will continue to address and deconstruct these stereotypes and lies.

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Since the time of the term Manifest Destiny appeared it had many meanings and definitions. For Americans, after the successful end of the war, the feeling of Nationalism extended its victorious lands. As to war conclusion, American settlers considered that their superiority had to move across the minor nations, spread their traditions and institutions through the whole continent. It all started when the settlers started the process of stretching their boundaries.

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after 1840 (the start of Manifest Destiny) includes The Texas Annexation (1845), The Oregon Country (1846), The Mexican Cession (1848), The Gadsden Purchase (1853), Alaska (1867), and Hawaii (1898).