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First of all the notion that someone who needs help from the government is a taker is patently false and ridiculously stupid. That would mean anyone who needed a college loan is a taker. Anyone who used the GI Bill to lift themselves out of poverty is a taker. Your grandma who worked her whole life but now needs her Social Security and Medicare is a taker. That neighbor with the autistic kid is a taker. That co-worker with the paraplegic daughter is a taker. When Mitt Romney spoke about the 47%, THAT was who he was talking about.

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The truth is we are all takers in this society. Some of us need student loans. Some of us need disability because we are seriously ill. Some of us need hurricane relief. Some of us need our federal taxes eliminated because we are struggling to make ends meet in the Bush economy while trying to raise our family. That doesn't make the person weaker, lesser, or a taker. It doesn't mean he doesn't work hard. On the other hand some of us need tax loopholes and tax havens to offset the huge amounts of money we make, which is already taxed at an enormously low capital gains rate. That doesn't make that person a job creator. That doesn't make them an entrepreneur. It doesn't make them a maker. They are both takers -- only one of them is really doing some serious taking. The narrative is plainly false.

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It has been a narrative used for decades by the GOP. Ronald Reagan talked about welfare queens milking the system and George Bush Sr. had his Willie Horton moment. Romney tried to pretend that Obama was stripping the work requirement out of welfare and insisted that half this country were nothing but a bunch of freeloaders living off the sweat of real Americans. None of it is true and all of it is bigoted and racist at its core. The sad thing is that it worked for so long. The sadder thing now is that they can't see that it is over. Bill O'Reilly commented after the election that has changed now because "more than 50% of the people want stuff and Obama is going to give them stuff." I heard the same thing from Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, and the rest of the right wing lunatic fringe echo chamber. They believe it and they are selling it to anyone who will listen to them. It has nothing to do with that. It has to do with how people feel they would be considered by a particular party or candidate. The GOP has a word association problem. When they talk about African-Americans they talk about welfare, even though more than 50% of people on public assistance in this country are in fact Caucasians. When they talk about Hispanics they reflexively talk about illegals even though the vast majority of Hispanics are perfectly legitimate citizens of this country. When they talk about women they reflexively talk about rape in ways that re-assault all women. They need a better narrative.