Evil People are surrounded by good and evil every day.

The is compiling an online ebook in celebration of the novel. If this astonishing and original piece of imaginative writing has affected you, the website organisers would like to hear from you. Contributions from schools are very welcome, as are those from individuals – of all ages. Your reaction can take any form: photos, pictures, video, animation, prose, poetry, dialogue …

Good and evil is one of the main themes in Lord of the Flies.

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Golding uses characters to represent good and evil.

Characters are the biggest representation of good and evil in Lord of the Flies.

To mark the 60th anniversary of the publication of , William Golding Ltd will be publishing a special commemorative ebook in 2014. They are looking for contributions from William Golding fans – and they’d especially like to hear from schools – throughout the world to feature in the book, with reflections on the impact of reading Lord of the Flies. Contributions can take all shapes and forms – photographs, illustrations, short thoughts and longer pieces. Here to tell us more and inspire us with a short explanation of how the novel came to be published before going on to become a cultural phenomenon, is William Golding’s daughter, Judy:

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He is constantly showing that he is sensitive, civilized and helpful by assisting with gathering fruit for the littleuns, ... boys, whereas Jack only wants to hunt and kill.

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winter evening in 1951, in a rather ugly red-brick former vicarage, on a suburban road in Salisbury, there began the career of one of the most widely read twentieth-century English novels. A schoolteacher and his wife had just finished putting their children to bed. Exhausted, they sat either side of the coal fire and talked. Part of the bedtime ritual had of course included reading, and the book chosen – at least for the elder child, a boy of eleven – had told of children on an island, free from the presence of adults. Supposing, said the schoolteacher, I wrote the story of what would really happen …