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81. Discuss the extensive use of symbolism in the novel. Examples of important symbols are the conch, the fire, the beast, Piggy’s glasses, and the “lord of the flies,” as well as Piggy, Ralph, Simon, and Jack themselves. Explain. Use quoted passages from the text (with page numbers in parentheses) to support the part of your answer that appears in your own words.

In Lord of the Flies symbols are both used by the characters and stand on their own.

In Lord of The Flies, William Golding successfully uses characterization and symbolism to powerfully reveal the tragic state of society is the result of inherent defects in human nature....

symbolism in Lord of the Flies by William ..

The “Lord of the Flies”, a severed sow’s head, symbolizes the inherent darkness of man....

81.) The Conch symbolizes law and civilization because it is what is trying to keep order amongst the boys when they are trying to have meetings and unity. This is shown in the meetings, "Hands were reaching for the conch in the light of the setting sun." (Golding 81). The quote is emphasizing just how important the guys saw the conch to civilization.
The fire represents that chance of destruction from everything they built in the society up till then, and it also represents hope since they have a chance to get off the island because of the fire symbolizes savagery in the boys that can come out. "We don't want another night without fire." (Golding 162). The guys know how important the fire is to them being able to survive, and the hope to do so.
The beast is a symbol to the kids as a reason to stay together so the beast doesn’t get them and it represents evil and violence that can exists constant fear among the boys. Fear of the beast grows stronger as the text goes further. At first the boys don't know if the beast is real but as they go further they start to believe more. "May there is a beast. The assembly cried out savagely." (Golding 89). Just the idea of the beast can turn the boys into savages.
Piggy’s glasses represent man using the things that have to transform it into something that can help them survive represent the power of science and technology in society.
The Lord of the Flies represents the savage nature that is in all of us physical manifestation of the beast the boys have been thinking of
Piggy represents science and intellect of society through his personality and always being the voice of reason in the situations.
Ralph shows order leadership and civilization because he is the leader who is trying to keep the guys in line and make the right decisions.
Simon is natural human goodness because of his calm and warming nature to the other guys.
Jack represents the desire of power and savagery, and the evil that is in each of us because he brought out his evil in the whole novel even though the other guys had the evil in them as well.