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As to science, we may well define it for our purpose as "methodicalthinking directed toward finding regulative connections between our sensualexperiences." Science, in the immediate, produces knowledge and, indirectly,means of action. It leads to methodical action if definite goals are setup in advance. For the function of setting up goals and passing statementsof value transcends its domain. While it is true that science, to the extentof its grasp of causative connections, may reach important conclusionsas to the compatibility and incompatibility of goals and evaluations, theindependent and fundamental definitions regarding goals and values remainbeyond science's reach.

Whether you believe it or not, even the blowing of wind involves an essence of science in it.

What, then, in all this, is the function of education and of the school?They should help the young person to grow up in such a spirit that thesefundamental principles should be to him as the air which he breathes. Teachingalone cannot do that.

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Topic : ‘Rhino poaching. How can South Africa bring a halt to this epidemic?
1. Caroline Robertson, Grade 7, Rustenberg Junior School, Cape Town
2. Zakkiyya Hoosen, Grade 7, Lotusville Primary School, Durban
3. Rebekah Gordon, Grade 7, Bryandale Primary School, Johannesburg
Merit prize:
Josephine Rey, Grade 7, Rustenberg Junior School, Cape Town
Iris Jarre, Grade 7, Rustenberg Junior School, Cape Town

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The independence model holds that science and religion exploreseparate domains that ask distinct questions. Stephen Jay Goulddeveloped an influential independence model with his NOMA principle(“Non-Overlapping Magisteria”):

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While the conflict model is at present a minority position, some haveused philosophical argumentation (e.g., Philipse 2012) or havecarefully re-examined historical evidence such as the Galileo trial(e.g., Dawes 2016) to argue for this model. Alvin Plantinga (2011) hasargued that the conflict is not between science and religion, butbetween science and naturalism.

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The lack of conflict between science and religion arises from a lackof overlap between their respective domains of professional expertise.(2001: 739)

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The main source of the present-day conflicts between the spheres ofreligion and of science lies in this concept of a personal God. It is theaim of science to establish general rules which determine the reciprocalconnection of objects and events in time and space. For these rules, orlaws of nature, absolutely general validity is required--not proven. Itis mainly a program, and faith in the possibility of its accomplishmentin principle is only founded on partial successes. But hardly anyone couldbe found who would deny these partial successes and ascribe them to humanself-deception. The fact that on the basis of such laws we are able topredict the temporal behavior of phenomena in certain domains with greatprecision and certainty is deeply embedded in the consciousness of themodern man, even though he may have grasped very little of the contentsof those laws. He need only consider that planetary courses within thesolar system may be calculated in advance with great exactitude on thebasis of a limited number of simple laws. In a similar way, though notwith the same precision, it is possible to calculate in advance the modeof operation of an electric motor, a transmission system, or of a wirelessapparatus, even when dealing with a novel development.