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Native Modernism: The Art of George Morrison and Allan Houser showcases magnificent paintings, drawings, and sculptures by two highly acclaimed artists. George Morrison (Grand Portage Band of Chippewa, 1919–2000) and Allan Houser (Warm Springs Chiricahua Apache, 1914–1994) shattered expectations for Native art and paved the way for successive generations to experiment with a wide array of styles and techniques. In this ground-breaking, beautifully illustrated book, distinguished Native American writers and scholars Truman T. Lowe (Ho-Chunk), Gerald Vizenor (Chippewa), N. Scott Momaday (Kiowa), and Gail Tremblay (Onondaga/Mi´qmaq) provide a fascinating exploration of the two men’s work in the context of contemporary art, Native American art history, and cultural identity.

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In the poem “Fat Is Not a Fairy Tale” by Jane Yolen, the speaker expresses her view through parody, foreshadowing, and figurative language that a more full-figured image of a woman’s beauty will someday prevail.

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Ha ha, but honestly, I'm lucky to be joining my Welsh wife and her relatives on their quest to sustain their linguistic tradition. As American poet Bob Holman points out in his recent PBS documentary, , the Welsh linguistic identity has survived enormous political, cultural, and economic pressures and appears to be on a path to long-term health. Despite more than 500 years of uninterrupted political control and cultural pressure from their English neighbors (including an extended period when the British Empire was the world's dominant power), the Welsh have kept their language alive.