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Louisiana's Historical Attractions One of the state's finest attractions that history lovers will enjoy is the Louisiana State Museum in Shreveport....

The Louisiana Purchase was the acquisition by the United States of America in 1803.

The territory was originally under the control of France from around 1699 but was later ceded to Spain 73 years later. However, the desire by France to re-establish its empire in North America prompted a re-establishment of its control over the territory of Louisiana in 1800 but revolt by slaves in Saint-Domingue, which is the present day Haiti, and a threat of war with Britain motivated the French to sell the entire territory to the Americans. Initially, the Americans only wanted to purchase New Orleans and its environs but were pleasantly surprised when they were offered the whole territory instead. After the sale was completed, disputes arose with Spain over the legality of the sale and the boundary demarcations of the territory. The reply of the Americans to the first objection raised by Spain was that they had initially wanted to deal with the Spanish but were instructed instead to deal with the French. The other dispute arose because the boundaries of the territory were not clearly defined in any of the pre-existing treaties or in documents of the land sale itself. However, there was a negotiated settlement which allowed the Americans to keep most of what they had claimed west of the Mississippi.

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Some of the major and most prominent ways that the Louisiana Purchase influenced the evolution of American were the expeditions of Louis and Clark on the newly acquired westward territory, increase in the countries resources, which in turn increased in trade and resulted in a richer, more economically stable country, and it also played a very pivotal rol...

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President Thomas Jefferson, although he was a Founding Father and the primary writer of the Declaration of Independence, faced major opposition with his decision to purchase the Louisiana Territory from the French.

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Even though the French sold major land in the Louisiana Purchase, the money gained by France and the land acquired by America was a win for both sides of the deal....

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The Louisiana Purchase was negotiated by President Thomas Jefferson, in 1803, in order to get a part of Louisiana in American hands, which was considered essential (“About Louisiana”).

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In the late 1700s and early 1800s, two major events took place that were turning points for the U.S., The Louisiana Purchase and the Indian Removal Act, these events made an impact socially, economically, and politically.

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He coordinated the Louisiana Purchase, assisted in implementing the twelfth amendment, formed the character of the modern American President, and cut the U.S.’s war debt by a third....

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The question, however, still remains, was

the Louisiana Purchase a necessity for the young growing nation, or was the purchase

an unconstitutional act done by President Thomas Jefferson himself?