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“I want my son to become a doctor, assisting during childbirth just as we have been helped today,” says Zaituni Juma, 22 years old, in Tanzania. She was scared that her baby would die due to complications, as her friend’s child did.. Life Support Foundation has trained 441 doctors and nurses to give the urgent care that they would have needed, and a new course will be held in May.

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No amount of high concept thinking about "well we don't actually have to do anything, but just scare them into changing their lives and giving up freedoms" is going into this. It's just "I want to be personally responsible for the mass genocide of as many Westerners as possible, simply because they are Westerners."

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Wrong. The point of terrorism is to cause us to give the terrorists what they want because we're terrified and we think that if we give terrorists what they want, the terrorists will leave us alone.

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Terrorist engage in terrorist acts because there is something that they want, even the alleged Osama Bin Laden tapes revealed that. So did the so-called kidnapping tapes we've all seen with kidnapped civilians and soldiers. They're all ASKING or rather, DEMANDING something and are using terror to get it.

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Make no mistake, these suicide bombers are merely pawns in a greater war. Those terrorists is power do have defined goals for this war (which we may not be 100% aware of), and none of THEM want to be killed. And sadly, their terrorist tactics ARE working. People are overreacting on airplanes.... Americans are willingly giving up their Constitutional rights... it's become acceptable to question another American's patriotism over a disagreement in policy... and the politcal "left" and "right" are more divided and polarized than in anytime in recent history (possibly since the US Civil War).

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In a brief to response to "lifofliberty", who said terrorism is a tool of people who are desperate.
I think that he is overlooking the religious factor. When ones religion glorifies death and the killing of non-believers, it is not a matter of desperation or occupation or anything else. The perpetrators of terrorism so far are not desperate financially. They just absolutely can't stand the idea of someone who does not follow Islam should be allowed to live in the middle east, or anywhere else. They die for the same reason our people try out for American idol. They want to be heros in the eyes of their fellow Muslims. Palestinian kids say that they want to grow up to be martyrs and kill Israelis. Kids are not desperate nor occupied. Its the culture of not being able to tolerate non-Muslims.
When they say they attack us because of our "foreign policy", the foreign policy they are talking about is us preventing them from killing Jews. Of course they hate the US, we stand in the way of them creating the holocaust they so so desperatly need to commit to make Allah love them, and for them to be true heros.